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Each centre's offering includes differing legal, tax and regulatory environments. Since the middle of the 20th century, New York City, represented by Wall Street in Manhattan's Financial Districthas been described as a leading financial centre.

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Several investment banks and investment managers headquartered in New York City are important participants in other financial centres. London has been a leading international financial centre since the 19th centuryacting as a centre of lending and investment around the world. London is the largest centre for derivatives markets[44] foreign exchange markets[45] money markets[46] issuance of international debt securities[47] international insurance[48] trading in gold, silver and base metals through the London bullion market and London Metal Exchange[49] and international bank lending.

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One report suggests that Japanese authorities are working on plans to transform Tokyo but have met with mixed success, noting that "initial drafts suggest that Japan's economic specialists are having trouble figuring out the secret of the Western financial centres' success.

They also appear on most lists of major tax havensand on lists of the largest Conduit and Sink OFCs in the world.

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Amsterdam is well known for the size of its pension fund market. It is also a centre for banking and trading activities.

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Dublin via its International Financial Services Centre"IFSC"is a specialised financial services centre with a focus on fund administration and domiciling, fund management, custodial activities and aircraft leasing. Many of the funds domiciled and managed in Dublin are at the instruction of investment managers in larger Asset Management jurisdictions such as London, Frankfurt, New York and Luxembourg.

Hong Kong. InHong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of Chinaretaining its laws and a high degree lista tuturor centrelor de tranzacționare autonomy for at least 50 years after the transfer.

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Most of the world's largest banks have a presence in the city. Luxembourg is a specialised financial services centre that is the largest location for investment fund domiciliation in Europe, and second in the world after the United States.

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Many of the funds domiciled in Luxembourg are managed in London. With its strong links with London, [73] Singapore has developed into the Asia region's largest centre for foreign exchange and commodity trading, as well as a growing wealth management hub.

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However, the market capitalisation of its stock exchange has been falling since and several major companies plan to delist. Zurich is a significant centre for banking, asset management including provision of alternative investment products, and insurance. They are certainly major RFCs. The second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates is a growing centre for finance in the Middle Eastincluding for Islamic finance.

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Its emergence as a financial centre is relatively recent, although commercial banking activity in the UAE became established in the second half of the 20th century the first commercial bank in Dubai was British Bank of the Middle East inand the first domestic commercial bank was the National Bank of Dubai established in Frankfurt attracts many lista tuturor centrelor de tranzacționare banks which maintain offices in the city.

It is the seat of Deutsche Börseone of the leading stock exchanges and derivatives markets operators, and the European Central Bankwhich sets the monetary policy for the single European currency, the euro ; in addition, in the European Central Bank took over responsibility for banking supervision for the 18 countries which form the Eurozone. Berlin held the position during the intervening period, focusing on lending noi indicatori opțiuni binare European countries lista tuturor centrelor de tranzacționare London focused on lending to the Americas and Asia.