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In his book, Friedman posits a theory that encompasses many of the competing hypotheses at the time as special cases and presents statistical evidence in support of his theory. Theoretical considerations[ edit ] In his theory, John Maynard Keynes supported economic policy makers by his argument emphasizing their capability of macroeconomic fine-tuning.

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The only problem was that actual consumption time series were much less volatile than the predictions derived from the theory of Keynes. For Keynes, consumption expenditures are linked to disposable income by a parameter called the marginal propensity to consume.

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However, since the marginal propensity to consume itself is a function of income, it is also true that additional increases in disposable income lead to diminishing increases in consumption expenditures: in other words, the marginal propensity to consume has an inverse relation with real income.

It must be stressed comercianții despre robotii de tranzacționare the relation characterized by substantial stability links current consumption expenditures to current disposable income—and, on these grounds, a considerable leeway is provided for ipoteza venit suplimentar demand stimulation, since a change in income immediately results in a multiplied shift in aggregate demand this is the essence of the Keynesian case of the multiplier effect.

The same is true of tax cut policies.

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According to the basic theory of Keynes, governments are always capable of countercyclical fine-tuning of macroeconomic systems through demand management. The permanent income hypothesis questions this ability of governments. However, it is also true that permanent income theory is concentrated mainly on long-run dynamics and relations, while Keynes focused primarily on short-run considerations.

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Ipoteza venit suplimentar emergence of the PIH raised serious debates, and the authors tried either to verify or to falsify the theory of Friedman—in the latter case, arguments were directed mainly towards stressing that the relation between consumption and disposable income still follows more or less the mechanism supposed by Keynes. According to some hints dropped in the literature, PIH has the advantage among others that it can help us resolve the alleged inconsistency between occasionally ipoteza venit suplimentar large-scale fluctuations of disposable income and the considerable stability of consumption expenditures.

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Friedman starts elaborating his theory under the assumption of complete certainty. Under these conditions, a consumer unit precisely knows each definite sum it will receive in each of a finite number of periods and knows in advance the consumer prices plus the ipoteza venit suplimentar and the borrowing rates of interest that will prevail in each period. Under such circumstances, for Friedman, there are only two motives for a consumer unit to spend more or less on consumption than ipoteza venit suplimentar income: The first is to smooth its consumption expenditures through appropriate timing of borrowing and lending; ipoteza venit suplimentar the second is either to realize interest earnings on deposits if the relevant rate of interest is positive, or to benefit from borrowing if the interest rate is negative.

Actul normativ modifică procedura de acordare a indemnizației pentru creșterea copilului până la vârsta de 2 ani sau până la vârsta de 3 ani pentru copilul cu handicap. Vezi aici legea apărută în Monitorul Oficial. Unele modificări normative privesc situații foarte rar întâlnite în viața socială, altele pot fi întâlnite mai frecvent. Să analizăm aceste modificări: Dacă o persoană adoptă un copil sau dacă o persoană este numită tutore al unui copil cu vârsta de până la 2 ani sau până la 3 ani și îndeplinește condițiile generale pentru acordarea indemnizației pentru creșterea copilului, atunci are dreptul la indemnizație. Dacă ulterior acestui eveniment se naște unul sau mai mulți copii la care această persoană fizică are calitatea de părinte și sunt îndeplinite condițiile de acordare a unei noi indemnizații, în ipoteza în care după calculul venitului rezultă o indemnizație mai mică, atunci valoarea indemnizației se menține ipoteza venit suplimentar nivelul existent anterior primită pentru celălalt copil.

The concrete behaviour of a consumer unit under the joint influence of these factors depends on its tastes and preferences. According to the PIH, the distribution of consumption across consecutive periods is the result of an optimizing method by which each consumer tries to maximize his utility.

At the same time, whatever ratio of income one devotes to ipoteza venit suplimentar in each period, all these consumption expenditures are allocated in the course of an optimization process—that is, consumer units try to optimize not only across periods but within each period.

Simple model[ edit ] Consider a potentially infinitely-lived consumer who maximizes his expected lifetime utility from the consumption of a stream of goods c.